Design and Application

We can fulfill all reasonable customization requirements. Also, we have strong technology to help our customers optimize and solve all problems of cordless blinds. We can do the structural design for our customers and customize to maximize the functionality of cordless spring xi. We have helped many customers with practical applications and helped them optimize their products.

  • Production Technology

    We have professional designers and engineers to develop new design and technology. Breakthrough industry pain points, and continue to increase investment in the development of cordless systems.

  • Production Process

    The company controls the production by adhering to the standard procedure, focus on details, and through continuously improvement on refined management, we dedicated to build a sound management system and keep improving it.

  • Product Development

    For many years, we have focused on in-depth customized services for customers, and committed to the research and development of cordless roller blinds combining manual and electric. The company has upgraded from a generation of manual cordless roller blinds to a combination of manual and electric cordless roller blinds, and customized exclusive curtain system solutions for every customer in need.